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Futures Thinking FREE Program Overview
In this program overview, Jose W. B. Decolongon will share how the ability to think about the future in a systematic and strategic way has become a highly valued competency for any leader. Unfortunately, in a world characterized by unprecedented change, being able to predict the future is next to impossible.

Developing a cohesive "future-proof" has become a daunting endeavor for many leaders as they try to make sense of factors such as climate change, emerging technologies, evolving consumer preferences and behavior, shifts in global geopolitics, and not to mention, the after-effects of the COVID-19.

A first in the country, the School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning offers the Futures Thinking online program, which intends to equip Filipino leaders with a futurist mindset and a set of tools that can be used to enhance environmental scanning and strategic thinking efforts, organizational development, and innovation initiatives. Initially used by the RAND Corporation, a US non-profit global policy think-tank during the Second World War, Futures Thinking has evolved into a multidisciplinary approach that strikes the balance between well-informed short-term and long-term goals, and has since then been used by corporations, governments, non-profit, and all other types of organizations all over the world.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 14 June 2022 will also be discussed.


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Jose W. B. Decolongon
Adjunct Faculty @Asian Institute of Management
Jose W. B. Decolongon is an Adjunct Faculty for the School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning, as well as for the Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship in the Asian Institute of Management. He has been a Business Director in SGS Philippines, an Operations Director in SGS Gulf Ltd.- ROHQ, Strategic Transformation Manager for East Asia, and a Continuous Improvement Project Manager based in Switzerland, Australia and Hong Kong. He is an Australia Awards Scholar and completed his Master's Degree in Supply Chain Innovation from Swinburne University of Melbourne, Australia. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt by PwC Europe and Lean Leader by GE Europe.